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Yesterday, my first brentalfloss CD, “What If This CD… had Lyrics?” went up for pre-order at the ScrewAttack Store website. A lot of you probably noticed that the cost for UPS ground shipping was eight dollars and fifty cents. I honestly hadn’t realized that shipping was going to be that high on the CD. When some of you started to tweet and message me about it, I wrote an email to Chad, who takes care of merchandise over at ScrewAttack. By the time he emailed me back a few hours later, he had fixed the problem.

Apparently, the online merch system ScrewAttack uses makes it difficult to ship via anything but UPS and UPS has been jacking up their rates for a while… shipping averages $7-$10 even on small orders, so ScrewAttack actually loses money on a lot of orders because of shipping. Chad agreed that the shipping cost was high for a CD, so he did some research and found a way to use USPS “1st Class” with delivery confirmation. He was able to set up this temporary cheaper shipping option until they switch their online merch system. It won’t get there quite as fast as UPS, and there’s no tracking (only confirmation of delivery) but price-wise it’s totally reasonable.

BUT WAIT! Now you can ship the CD for just $3.50 and the CD/t-shirt combo pack for $3.75! And if you already pre-ordered it and want to switch your shipping to the cheaper “1st Class” option, ScrewAttack will refund you the difference. All you have to do is send an email to Chad at along with your order number and he’ll get it all worked out for you. ScrewAttack has awesome customer service and they’ll take good care of you every time. That’s why I chose them as the company who would distribute my first-ever brentalfloss CD. So if you were hesitant to pay $8.50 for shipping, head to and take a second look. The CD, which is titled “What if This CD… had Lyrics?” is 20 tracks of brentalfloss goodness, souped up in crystal-clear CD quality, and it includes classic “With Lyrics” songs as well as never-before heard material that you can’t find on Youtube. Remember, I’m personally autographing every single CD ordered before the pre-order period ends on April 4th. So buy it now, mofo.

Thanks for watching, listening, and being fans. Really.




  1. Thanks for the info Brent. Like I said on Twitter, I’d have paid twice as much if I had to, but that was pretty high for a CD to be shipped.

  2. Does this include international shipping as well?

    • No, international shipping has been and will always be expensive, unfortunately.

  3. Nice I like this now, it helps. When I bought your shirt a few months back I thought the shipping was kind of high. I don’t mind first class USPS service, it doesn’t take that long and sometimes it can be faster than UPS.

  4. Hey, Brent. I just wanted to tell you, I pre-ordered your cd , along with your tee. But my intention is not to show off, I just want to tell you I hope the CD has at least something like “thanks” or “merry Christmas” or something like that, besides your autograph. Maybe it’s too much to ask, but that would make the package even worthier. Anyway, how many Cd’s have you signed so far??

    • The “thank you” is the good job I did on making a kickass CD. If you want more than an autograph, come see me at SGC in July. Otherwise, accept that you are exactly as special as everyone else who ordered a CD. Cheers.

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