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I couldn’t fit this in a tweet, so I decided to b-b-b-blog it!

On June 27, I’ll be playing a concert in Foxboro, Massachusetts as part of a show that will include performances by Metalli-ham, Jesus Candy, and one of my absolute favorite video game cover bands, POWERGLOVE! It’s the first annual GAME UNDERGROUND VIDEO GAME AND MUSIC FESTIVAL, and it’s gonna be fun on a bun. It’s basically like a one-day gaming con all in one kickass space. Here’s a commercial for it if you’re interested:

Anyway, I’m GIVING AWAY TO TICKETS TO THE EVENT, MOFOS! Here’s how it will work:

Anyone who lives in PA or East of PA in the continental United States is eligible;  if you’re gonna drive or fly from farther away than that, you can probably afford the ticket price 🙂 So if you’re eligible, you can enter the contest by cutting and pasting the following and tweeting it:

I want to see @brentalfloss at the Game Underground Video Game and Music Festival in Foxboro, MA! Check it out!

It’s just that simple. Once you tweet that, you’re entered. Multiple tweets will not increase your chances, although they will increase my ego. I’ll keep track of all the tweople who tweet it, and on June 5th, I’ll draw a random winner who will be able to take a friend and see me play in Foxboro for free!

Good luck, and tweet me with any questions!



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