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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Hey everybody. This post is specifically for people who are planning to attend my December 11 show in NYC. There are only 65 seats in the house, and apparently it’s not the responsibility of the box office to do pre-seating for this event. So I figured out a few ways to do it without the box office. If you’re interested in pre-ordering your tickets, use one of the following much-easier-than-they-sound methods:

If you have a Paypal account and already have my CD, use this method:
Go to, log in and use the “send money” function to send $10 to “”… you can designate it as a “gift” or a “purchase of goods”, whatever you want. At the bottom of the final confirmation page, there is an option to send an email with the payment. Change the subject from “You’ve got Money” to “TICKET” and in the message box, type the name or names of the guests, and I’ll add them to the will call list.

This method involves buying my CD. Yes, you actually get a free CD for pre-ordering a ticket to my show (actually, you can pre-order a ticket by buying it… same diff). Go to and click “buy now”. A window will pop up asking you to choose the format of the CD download and “name your price”. Enter a price in a multiple of 10 depending on how many seats you are reserving (10 for 1 seat, 20 for 2, etc) Click the green “checkout” button. Fill out your credit card info and email address. Your payment will show up on my Paypal account. Once your payment has been confirmed, shoot me an email at from the same email address you just used on the payment page … the subject should be “TICKET” and the body of the email should be the name or names of the guests; I will check that your email is the same one as in my account and put the name or names on the list. Also, ENJOY MY CD! 🙂

Sorry for the complicated-ness. If someone tries to pre-order after we’ve sold out, it’s very easy for me to refund online, so don’t worry. Thanks, y’all!