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A collection of my tweets from earlier today with the hashtag “21stCenturyProblems.” I also include a few retweets from funny followers.

Fool me once, LOL. Fool me twice, FML. #21stCenturyProverbs

Love is legally blind, but there’s always Lasik. ##21stCenturyProverbs

Do unto others in a public forum what you would have them do unto you in a public forum. #21stCenturyProverbs

@assclown_jr: If you can’t beat em,troll em. #21stCenturyProverbs

You can’t have your cake and eat it too without better funding for stem cell research. #21stCenturyProverbs

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him to use the internet and he’ll fap for a lifetime. #21stCenturyProverbs

Where there’s a will there’s a reality show about it.#21stCenturyProverbs

You can’t judge an eBook by its kindle. #21stCenturyProverbs

You can lead a horse to water, but you’re probably gonna want to bring a Brita filter. #21stCenturyProverbs

A leopard cannot change its spots, but it can be upgraded to Snow Leopard. #21stCenturyProverbs

Riku1824: Be a Tweeter not a follower. #21stCenturyProverbs

Every dog has his debut on Youtube. #21stCenturyProverbs

Sticks and stones may break my bones but bullying’s the real danger. #21stCenturyProverbs

Man cannot live by reconstituted rib-shaped rib meat patty alone.#21stCenturyProverbs


… Type your 21st Century versions of well-known proverbs in the comment box!



  1. A movie cineplex’s worth is not found in how many screens it has, it’s found in how many working projectors it has.

  2. All things must be passworded.

    • An Apple a day keeps the viruses away.

      Ask a silly question and you’ll get called a n00b.

  3. Great minds think alike, or so says the guy with three accounts.

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