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Hey everybody.

As you probably know, a blizzard has struck the northeast United States, crippling air travel to and from the area. As usual, I spent Christmas in Texas where my family lives. Since I’m slated to perform with Video Games Live in Newark, New Jersey on December 29th and 30th, I scheduled a return flight for the 27th; my flight has been cancelled. Luckily, the airline agent I spoke to was able to book a flight to the Philadelphia airport for the morning of the 29th, so I have a very good chance of making it to Newark for both performances (knock on wood).

HOWEVER, I have been trying to contact the Video Games Live people because I’m not even sure THEY’RE going to be able to fly into the city. If they can’t, I imagine the performance will be cancelled.

The reason I’m writing this blog post is to tell you that I will be at the NJPAC in Newark at 7:30pm on December 29th and 30th if AT ALL POSSIBLE. If the Video Games Live show gets cancelled, I’ll be there at the front doors of the NJPAC at 7:30PM on both nights, and if some of you want to show up, we could go as a group and get some food somewhere in the area. I hate the idea of letting you down after promising you an appearance.

SO, stay tuned to my twitter feed [ ]  and/or my Facebook page [ ] and I’ll make announcements regarding the performances. I really hope to be able to perform alongside Tommy Tallarico and the symphony orchestra, but even if that falls through, I hope I can still have fun with some of my fans.



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  1. I’m obviously not from Newark, and I had no hope of seeing you, but this blogpost makes you a very decent man. It sure will suck for your Newark fans (and VGL+Brentalfloss fans) if you can’t appear… or if VGL gets canceled.

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