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Hey brentallovers.

I’ve been doing live brentalfloss shows for about 18 months, and the requests for me to play shows in specific cities continue to roll in. Before I say anything else, please know that it is AWESOME that so many of you want to see me in person; it’s always flattering to be reminded that I have fans all over the world.

That said, I learned a lot of things during my five-show “mini-tour” in August and September. I thought I could play a show across the country and that the sale of CDs at the show would pay for my travel expenses. In most cases, I was wrong and I frankly lost a few hundred bucks when all was said and done. I don’t say that to bitch and moan, only to frame what I’m about to say:

I love doing live shows. In college, I was an acting major and I realized I didn’t love the process—the actual work of  acting—very much. I was also surrounded by people far more talented at performing and dedicated to it. Consequently, I gave up my idea of being a performer and focused on writing. The fact that the “brentalfloss” phenomenon has brought me out of my performing retirement is no small consideration; I always had the soul of an entertainer beneath the mind of a writer, and it is an amazing experience getting to connect so intimately with my audience.

Here’s the thing though: It doesn’t make sense from any standpoint—much less a business standpoint—to lose money when I play shows. I’m working on some new merchandise that may help in the future, but as it stands, there’s no tried-and-true business model that allows me to play a show somewhere and break even. I get requests to do shows in Europe and even places like Australia and South America, and I think to myself “That would be fun, but I’d basically be losing hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars.” While the sales of my CD have been very satisfactory, I’m nowhere near “rich” or even “well off”. There has to be a better way.

And so that’s why I choose to tell you this: while I may occasionally do a show in a city to which I already happen to be traveling, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to personally pay for the travel costs to go farther than, say, five hundred miles away from New York City.

UNLESS someone were to help pay for the travel. Gaming conventions routinely fly internet celebrities out to appear, and there are myriad ways to raise money on the internet. So if you’re one of the hardcore fans that wants me to do a show nearby (casual fans, I love yew guys teww), you might consider getting some cash together and sending me a message via Youtube, or using a connection with a local convention to help fly me there. I will not always be available for a particular date, and I may not be able to travel to each place requested, but for those of you who are serious about seeing a brentalfloss show, the power is yours. If you can pay for a round trip ticket and provide me with a place to stay, I am much more likely to say “yes!”

Just something to think about. As always, I am thankful for the love of my fans.




  1. I like how you signed it “Best Friend” as well ;).

  2. If you’re ever in the area of Sacramento or San Francisco, pop by Davis if you get the chance. We’re a fun town and you’ll have a blast playing here.

  3. How do you feel about furries? I may have an in for one of their con’s. (flight and room prob included)

  4. Still trying to get you to PAX. Via a panel, or even in with the concerts. Boston is close by, so travel shouldn’t be a problem. Worse comes to worse, I will BUY you a PAX badge and bus fare!


  6. Furries? If they’re not likely to be video game nerds, it’ll probably be a bust 🙂 I recently did an event for a room of 300 average college freshmen, and I REEEEALLY had to pull laughs out of them and ended up cutting most of the video game stuff altogether. Thanks anyway though 🙂

  7. I suggest Kickstarter if a fan REALLY wants to fund a brentalshow with donations from other fans.

  8. Hey Floss, you should totally do a show in Atlanta. Or somewhere around there. I know that we have Dragoncon every year and that’s pretty big, I think. Plus, being an NY native myself, it’d be great to see some NYC insanity, courtesy of Flossman himself!

  9. I’m starting to negotiate with the local mafia to bring your show to South America. It’s gonna be hard (a lot of blood involved, indeed) but I hope your fans in Chile would say “OMG IS BRENTALFLOSS OMG OMG” and then pass out.
    It could be a great experience, BTW.

  10. We’re having a mini-anime convention here in Tucson call Con-Nichiwa, which also has a ton of gamers. If you’re able to, try and get in contact with them about getting a gig there

  11. If you are ever around Chicago, go to this awesome city called Aurora, even just to look around. We claim to have some of Wayne’s World shot here.

    I don’t know how many video game people we have around here though, but it would be cool if you managed to play a show here.

  12. Just a thought as Wizard once-upon-a-time came to my hometown (Arlington, TX) every year, but typically the Wizard ComicCon has a great tour and the people in it are unforgettable! Also, I’ve always always always wanted to go to San Diego COMICON, and they have the best people and panels ever. (I get stuck watching YouTube for the updates). These are just thoughts ^_^ Happy New Year sirrah!

  13. I know a few kids for sure around me that would love to see you perform an all-ages show around the Harrisburg PA area, though the only venue I can think of recently closed down. If anyone out there is interested in helping to get Brent out this way or knows a venue, let me know via email ( :3

  14. money out of my pocket to see Brent preform live. One of these days i’ll be serious enough to do that. but i doubt he’d wanna play a show for one person lol.

  15. Hello Brent,
    I checked your website first to see where you stood on this and was directed to this blog. I’ve sent you an email for a convention that would like to have you and can cover these costs that put you in the negative before. Hope to hear from you soon.

  16. I find it funny how this page is dedicated to Brent explaining WHY he can’t do request gigs, then half the comments are requests for gigs

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