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Brentalfans, it’s time. After almost 3 years of notoriety on Youtube and nearly 100,000 subscribers, it’s time for me to get a Wikipedia page. If you type “brentalfloss” into Google and let it generate suggestions below, the first suggestion is “brentalfloss wiki.”

It’s time.

Unfortunately, making a Wikipedia page is a pain in the ass, and you’re not supposed to create one about yourself. That’s where you guys come in. Here—within this very blog post—lie all the tools you need. Ideally, the page would be for Brent Black with a “brentalfloss” redirect. Preferably you’re someone who has made Wikipedia pages before; you know, the kind that don’t get taken down immediately?

Here goes:

Fact 1: I am known for adding lyrics to video game music. Reference: The Canadian Broadcasting Company. Here’s the article:  …I’m mentioned in the ninth paragraph.

Fact 2: I was born on April 12, 1984 in Dallas, TX (I don’t have any websites referencing this. Please don’t tell Donald Trump.)

Fact 3: My subscribers have topped 99,000 Reference:

Fact 4: My first CD, “What if This CD… Had Lyrics?” was released in the spring of 2010. Reference:

Fact 5: My CD, “What if This CD… Had Lyrics?” has had tracks in the top 100 on iTunes comedy charts worldwide. Reference:

Fact 6: I attended undergrad at the University of Oklahoma. Reference:

Facts 7 and 8: I earned a masters at NYU for musical theatre writing and wrote an off-broadway show called I’ll Be Damned which was at the Vineyard Theatre in New York City in 2010. Reference:

The rest is up to you. I’m counting on someone who knows their way around Wikipedia to complete this page. To do so is to enter me into the international lexicon of significance and to legitimize me as an Internet phenomenon. Also, it’ll make me feel ah-so niiiiiice.

Dicks and farts,




  1. I would love to make a Wikipedia page like this. The problem is that it would be a bit bare without an image, and I can’t simply pull one off your website (Wikipedia reads that as “stealing”). So I would need a free picture of you (perhaps like the one you use on the front page of your website)

  2. Anyway, here’s the page: Feel free to spread the link and allow others to edit the page.

  3. Wish i could help Brent but i’ve never made or even edited a wikipedia article, but it is about damn time for you to get a page

  4. “Fact 2: I was born on April 12, 1984 in Dallas, TX (I don’t have any websites referencing this. Please don’t tell Donald Trump.)”

    To appease -The Donald- can we still put a needs citation?

  5. Would it not be easier to reference this page? It _is_ your own blog, after all. =P

  6. It might be small, and not very pretty, but I gave it a go. I put this as my user info, in case I happened to violate any major terms, or anything, so it wouldn’t jeopardize you getting an actual page. Do you think this is okay? Keeping in mind that when your page is made, the headers will have your name, and not mine. Anything you want changed before it goes up? I also would like to add info on the G-rated/Karaoke track pack, but I didn’t know about the specific release date, or where to obtain valid proof of this information.

    • Excuse me, SavvyWoza, but mind if I merge the box I edited to your page?

  7. Good to see your staying humble brentalfloss.

  8. Jeffrey Labunski: Sure, go ahead.

  9. I think it would also be a good idea to have a wiki for your cd 😛

  10. That was a truly great article!!

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